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'Doosukeltha' Review: Cruises Moderately

'Doosukeltha' Review: Cruises Moderately

Rating: 2.75/5
24 Frames Factory
Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Lavanya Tripathi, Brahmanandam, Pankaj Tripathi, Vennela Kishore, Kota, Rao Ramesh, Bharat, Raghubabu, Posani and others
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematographer: Sarvesh Murari
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Director: Veeru Potla
Producer: Mohan Babu
Release date: 17/10/2013

After scoring a hit with ‘Dhenikaina Ready’, Manchu Vishnu is back with another entertainer and this time he has teamed up with Veeru Potla. Whether he is successful or not, let us see

A small bet by Chinna (Vishnu) during his childhood results in his family escaping from a village and eventually he grows to become a streetsmart and intelligent man with a kind heart. Due to his act, the life of Alekhya (Lavanya) also gets disturbed and her immediately family disowns her. She grows to become a doctor and a chance incident gets her in touch with Chinna. He starts liking her and also protects her from some unidentified killers. But after discovering his real identity, Alekhya puts him away. In order to repair the mistake he did in his childhood, Chinna decides to get Alekhya back to her family and whether that happens or not forms the rest of the story.

Manchu Vishnu has grown in confidence and body language as an actor. He is versatile with his expressions, puts sincere efforts in dance and fights. He seems to be going the right way.

Lavanya is cute and her innocent appeal makes her adorable. On performance front, she needs to groom a lot.  She could have excelled in sentimental scenes with father. But neither director gave right scope nor she could do the best in the given space.

Pankaj Tripathi’s debut is competent and he did good justice to his role and characterization. It has to be seen how he will perform if he is given an outbursting and emotional negative character.

Brahmanandam contributed his share of comedy and brought many moments of laughter. Kota was perfect. The man to look out is Vennela Kishore, though his role is small he made his presence felt strongly. Bharath was good. Ali was wasted. Raghu Babu was funny. The others like Ahuti Prasad, Shravan, Annapurna, Sathya Krishna etc filled the screen with their act.


  • Background score
  • Entertainment quotient


  • Drag in sequences
  • Stereotype storyline

After movies like ‘Dhee’ ‘Ready’ arrived, the Tollywood audience and the makers have discovered a new route to entertainment. Since then it has become more like a formula to ensure box office success.

This film is no different. So, the challenge comes down to how engaging the two plus hours duration is and how much is the humor ratio. In a way, the director has succeeded in achieving his target but then there was ample scope for improvement.

There are few observations which could have created the difference.

For instance, the screen time for Vennela Kishore should have been increased. The character and characterization was excellent and his performance was perfect match but he came only in second half and that too for very few scenes.

Secondly, almost the entire focus was kept on Vishnu like he had to shoulder the film right from start to finish. Well, Vishnu needs a strong padding artist support and only then the impact is much higher and success rate better.

Also, the sequences between Brahmanandam and Vennela Kishore should have been more as their timing was good. On another note, the emotional scene between Lavanya and Rao Ramesh was abrupt, needed more juice.

Finally, Ali was not at all used to his caliber. If the director created a balance by following the above suggestions then the film would have eased into a  hit zone.

The film takes off on the right footing but first half concludes scoring no browny points. The comedy sequences, some witty dialogues and the romantic interludes are ok. But it is a good feed till the interval bang. The second half picks up pace initially but over dose of action marred the comedy punch. And few scenes got dragged just to kill the running time. Technical and production values were good. There is nothing great to talk about music except the beat in first song.

Overall, it is a film that attempted to deliver entertainment but when full dose comedy is expected, it may disappoint. Its just for time pass but not for a wholesome treat.

Bottomline: Not upto the title

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