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'Bendu Appa Rao RMP' Review: Nonstop Humor

'Bendu Appa Rao RMP' Review: Nonstop Humor

Film: Bendu Appa Rao RMP
Rating: 3.25/5
Allari Naresh, Kamna Jetmalani, Meghana, Suman Shetty, Ahuti Prasad, Ali, LB Sri Ram, Srinivas Reddy, Uttej, Deekshitulu etc
Dialogues: Veligonda Srinivas
Story: PV Giri
Direction: EVV Satyanarayana
Producer: Dr D Rama Naidu
Released On: 16th Oct 2009

EVV Satyanaranaya’s style has got its unique image in Tollywood. ‘Bendu Apparao’ released today on the banner of Suresh Productions; and let us see how far EVV touched his mark.

Bendu Appa Rao (Allari Naresh) is an RMP doctor in a village. He has a sister who gets troubled by her greedy husband (Krishna Bhagawan). Appa Rao earns money from the villagers by doing various mischief activities, making them his patients for every small reason. He earns money only to quench the greed of his brother in law. On the other hand, Padmapriya (Kamna), the daughter of the rich man in the village Raju (Ahuti Prasad) falls in love with Appa Rao.

The story runs on this track but all of a sudden Appa Rao becomes responsible for a secret sum of Rs 15 lakh. Story takes turn there. A school teacher comes into his life.

What is that Rs 15 lakh? How Appa Rao become responsible? Who is that teacher? All that has to be watched on screen.

Allari Naresh:

He is at his best as usual. The entire story runs on his shoulders and he carried that efficiently. Once again he proved that he is the best fit as comedy hero in Tollywood after Rajendra Prasad and Naresh.

She is ok and suited well for the character.

She has a small role as school teacher but oozed the required glamour in a song.

Ahuti Prasad:
He deserves right mention in the film as he spilled several laughs with his typical East Godavari slang

Other artistes Jith Mohan Mitra, LB Sri Ram, Suman Shetty, Uttej, Srinivas Reddy, Kondavalasa, Chalapathi Rao, Telangana Shakuntala, Sreepada Hanuma Sastry etc have justified to their characters.

The backbone of the movie is its dialogue part. Veligonda Sreenivas has penned subtle and humorous dialogues through out the movie. Every 5 minutes in the movie spills a laugh. Although the story is a routine one, the dialogue part made it appealing for contemporary audience.

Allari Naresh
Ahuti Prasad

Allari Naresh’s snake dance is over dosed

It’s a nonstop humor treat after a long time. Audiences of all the centers may patronize this film and there will be more edge in B, C centers. The entire movie is filled with East Godavari flavor where almost all top comedians except Brahmanandam, MS Narayana and Sunil are present on screen.

First half of the movie goes with non stop humor while second half has enough sentiment. But in both halves, the comedy part is rightly gelled.

If publicity supports the movie, it may celebrate festival at Box Office.

Bottom Line: Good treat.

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