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Bedurulanka 2012 Review: Neither Adurs Nor Bedurs

Bedurulanka 2012 Review: Neither Adurs Nor Bedurs

Movie: Bedurulanka 2012
Rating: 2.25/5
Loukya Entertainments
Cast: Kartikeya, Neha Sshetty, Ajay Ghosh, Satya, Raj Kumar Kasireddy, Srikanth Ayyengar, 'Auto' Ram Prasad, GoparajuRamana, LB Sriram, SurabhiPrabhavathi, Kittayya, Anithanath, DivyaNarniand others
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Sai Prakash Ummadisingu, Sunny Kurapati
Editing: Viplav Nyshadam
Production Designer: Sudheer Macharla
Producer: Ravindra Benerjee Muppaneni
Written and Directed by: Clax
Release Date: Aug 25, 2023

The trailer and teasers for "Bedurulanka 2012" have piqued people's interest. Despite the fact that Kartikeya's previous films had failed, he seemed confident that this film would bring him much-needed success.

Let's see if the film lives up to his expectations.

In the year 2012, the brother-in-law (Ajay Ghosh) of the president of Bedurulanka village plots to profit from doomsday predictions. In order to instill fear in the villagers, he enlists the aid of priest Brahmam (Srikanth Aiyengar) and bishop Daniel (Ram Prasad). They suggest a solution that could prevent the end of the world.

Shiva (Kartikeya) swears to expose them as they carry out their con job.  He, his girlfriend Chitra (Neha Sshetty), and some friends devise a scheme to disprove the end of the world theory.

Artistes’ Performances:
Surprisingly, Kartikeya has played a role that is far from a regular hero. He plays a role that has nothing much to do in most parts of the story. In the first half of the film he hardly gets footage. He appears mostly in the second half and he has done his job sincerely.

Neha Sshetty also gets a very regular role.

The film belongs to Ajay Ghosh, Srikanth Aiyenger, and Ram Prasad. They get more footage and more importance. GoparajuRamana as the village president is okay. Raj Kumar Kasireddy is another actor who gets more prominence.

Technical Excellence:
Mani Sharma’s music is okay. Two songs are striking. Cinematography and production values are decent. Some dialogues have clicked.

Central idea
Couple of jokes

The uneven narration
Aimless proceedings in the last act

"Bedurulanka 2012" is marketed as a con thriller; however, it leans more towards comedy or satire. The plot and its elements deviate from those of typical films.

One of its primary strengths is the Doomsday concept and the message it conveys, cautioning against placing trust in false godmen or superstitions. Moreover, the film portrays both Hindu and Christian fake priests.

The director wastes no time in unveiling the central plot and introducing all the characters within the first 45 minutes. However, director Clax encounters difficulty in advancing the film further. With limited material to work with, he heavily relies on the characters and attempts to mock their actions. Unfortunately, the entertainment factor diminishes quickly as the characters repeat the same behaviors.

In comparison, the first half of the film is relatively better. The entire second half revolves around the hero's efforts to expose the deception by priests regarding "Yugantham" (Doomsday) under the supervision of a local leader. Consequently, numerous comical scenes, including those featuring Vennela Kishore and Satya, abound.

The final act abruptly shifts its focus from exposing the deception to delivering the message that one should live life authentically, without wearing a false mask. This sudden change in purpose and tone prompts the director to include a song, disrupting the film's initially promising trajectory.

On the other hand, the film's hero, Kartikeya, does not receive much prominence. He is just one of the many characters in the film.

Overall, “Bedurulanka 2012” shows promise at the outset and delivers some laughs, but it struggles to maintain its momentum until the end, ultimately derailing midway.

Bottom Line: Improper Humor


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