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'Babu Bangaram' Review: Babu Boredom

'Babu Bangaram' Review: Babu Boredom

Movie: Babu Bangaram
Rating: 2/5
Sithara Entertainments
Cast: Venkatesh, Nayanathara, Savukaru Janaki, Sampath, Vennela Kishore, Prudhvi, Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali and others
Dialogues: Darling Swamy
Music: Ghibran
Cinematography: Richard Prasad
Editor: Uddhav
Fights: Ram - Laxman, Ravi Varma
Presents: S Radha Krishna
Producers: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi, PDV Prasad
Story, screenplay and direction: Maruthi Dasari
Release date: August 12, 2016

Venkatesh who is in his 50's wanted to slow down and took nearly a year's gap before signing Maruthi’s 'Babu Bangaram'. So it raised curiosity that the story must be special that he did this after a brief sabbatical. Then the trailer came and it proudly proclaimed that “Bobbili Raja is back”.

Director Maruthi is also on success track. He recently delivered big hit with Nani. So, all these factors have created huge hype around the movie.  Is it really worth the hype, lets find out?

ACP Krishna (Venkatesh) who is a kind-hearted man comes to know of Sailaja (Nayanathara) and her problem. Her father Sastry (JP) is hiding somewhere, as a goon (Sampath) is after him. She runs their family with her catering business and is facing issues.

ACP Krishna introduces himself to her as a common man and starts helping her. They develop  a bond. But ACP Krishna has another agenda. When she comes to know his real motive, she loses her temper and asks him not to come to near her. What happens then? What is ACP's real motive? Why the goon is after Sailaja's father? 

Artistes’ Performances:
After playing middle-aged guy roles in the recent times, Venkatesh is back playing a young role. As ACP Krishna, he has shown the fitness and tough body. Whenever he has done comedy and lighter moments, the film has worked. Venky has exhibited both star elements and comedy histrionics with assured manner. 

Nayanathara's role is quite boring. She is not seen much in the movie but she looks perfect for Venkatesh.

Once again, Prudhvi steals the movie. It is his performance that entertains. Vennela Kishore is wasted. Posani has done his best in the second half.  Sampath as villain is okay. Rest of the cast members have nothing much to do. 

Technical Excellence: 
Maruthi has made the film with rich production and technical values as the movie is his first big-budgeted movie. Richard Prasad’s camera has given the movie a bright look. Dialogues are good - some are hilarious, some are suitable to the situations. Editing is neat. Sithara Entertainments’ production values are worth mentioning. 

Venkatesh Performance
Production Values

Regular storyline
Boring second half
Lengthy run time
No novelty
Predictable to the core

How would director Maruthi handle a big star like Venkatesh is the question one will have before entering the movie hall because he has done movies with young heroes or newcomers.

In "Babu Bangaram", he has tried to present Venkatesh of old movies to this generation. So the story part completely takes backseat.

The story of the movie is quite old. In fact, the basic thread of the movie is same as that of Nagarjuna starrer 1991 movie "Nirnayanam". While the first half of the movie is mildly entertaining, the second half turns messy. 

At the interval time, we come to know the real motive of Venkatesh? It is also revealed why Sampath and Posani are trying to capture Nayanathara's father. Then it is anybody's guess that Venkatesh will teach villains a lesson and help his lover Nayanathara and her father. This quite routine track is told even dull manner in the second half. 

When there isn't much story to handle, generally directors use effective comedy track to cover up the flaws but here we don't get see any hilarious moments in the second half. Maruthi has introduced Brahmanandam's character in the second half but Brahmi these days is totally ineffective in generating laughs. Except for couple of comedy moments by Posani, post interval the film turns too bland. Post interval it is a damp squib. 

Venkatesh saying "ayyo ayyayyo" when he is doing action episodes mimicking his old "Bobbili Raja" dialogue doesn't suit well to the situations. Also the romantic track between Venkatesh and Nayanathara is totally dull. She is seen more as a weepy queen though she always wears designer dresses even when she cooks at huge stove.

The film doesn't have a major conflict. Being an ACP, Venkatesh using all cheap tricks with villains and an MLA acting like a clown is quite silly. 

All in all, "Babu Bangaram" as the title says Venkatesh may be gold but the film isn't . Except for Venky's histrionics and Prudhvi's comedy, the movie completely turns bore. 

Bottom-line: Ayyo Ayyayyo!

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