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Yatra 2: No Pawan, Lokesh And Sharmila

Yatra 2: No Pawan, Lokesh And Sharmila

The movie "Yatra 2" is set to hit the screens in a few days. It's intriguing to see how director Mahi will portray lively characters in his distinctive style.

Unfortunately, the downside is that the roles of Pawan Kalyan, Nara Lokesh, and Sharmila won't be seen in "Yatra 2."

The only exceptions are the roles of Chandrababu and Sonia Gandhi, as they are crucial in advancing the plot.

"Yatra 2" will solely focus on the struggles from YSR's demise to Jagan assuming power.

While it's possible to include characters like Pawan, Lokesh, and Sharmila to depict the narrative, Mahi deliberately avoided unnecessary subplots. Hence, none of those characters found a place in the movie.

Sonia Gandhi and Chandrababu's roles are mentioned as they are needed for the story.

"Yatra 2" follows an approach, exploring Jagan's growth and ascent without delving into unnecessary character arcs.

Mahi believed that there was no need to diminish others in the process, leading to the exclusion of the three characters from the script.


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