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Writer BVS Ravi's Rave Party

Writer BVS Ravi's Rave Party

Tollywood director BVS Ravi is always busy as a story/script writer though he has not scored a hit as a director.

It is known that ace director Vikram Kumar is going to direct his next film with Akkineni Naga Chaitanya with BVS Ravi's story.

Meanwhile, three other films are getting ready with the stories penned by BVS Ravi for ATT. Debutante Praveen is going to direct these films. One of them is 'Rave Party'.

The title looks catchy and instantly connects to youth. The remaining two stories are also youthful. BVS Ravi has prepared these scripts for Shreyas ET as per the deal.

On the other hand, yesteryear director Siva Nageswara Rao is also busy making an ATT film.

Director Sriwass is presently working on the debut film of DVV Danayya's son. He is also getting ready to produce an ATT film introducing his assistant as a director.

It seems the emergence of ATT concept in the corona lockdown period is giving additional income to directors and their assistants are getting promoted.

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