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Why NBK And Vasundhara Absent In Ramoji's Funeral?

Why NBK And Vasundhara Absent In Ramoji's Funeral?

There is something intriguing about why Balakrishna and his wife Vasundhara did not attend the funeral of Ramoji Rao.

Moreover, there is widespread news that Vasundhara is actually like a daughter to Ramoji Rao for a reason.

Getting into the details, Vasundhara is the daughter of Surya Rao, the owner of the logistics company SRMT, who happens to be a close friend of Ramoji Rao. 

As Ramoji Rao had no daughters, he requested Surya Rao to allow his daughter to live in his house out of daughter-like affection. Thus, Vasundhara lived for some time in Ramoji Rao's house.

During that time, NTR happened to see her there, and eventually, Ramoji Rao arranged the alliance between Vasundhara and Balakrishna.

This news is making rounds from reliable circles.

If this is true, then why were Balakrishna and his wife Vasundhara not seen anywhere in the funeral proceedings of Ramoji Rao? This is the big question. 

Balakrishna is generally very emotional and attends funerals, respecting the final rites. He has been part of every such funeral, be it of Harikrishna, Janakiram, or Taraka Ratna.

But why he and his wife were not at Ramoji Rao's funeral remains a question.


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