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Who Should Be Blamed for Neha's Episode?

Who Should Be Blamed for Neha's Episode?

An inappropriate question posed to a celebrity by a journalist at the trailer launch of “DJ Tillu” has created a furore on social media.

A journalist working for Santosham magazine asked a cheap question to Siddhu Jonnalagadda whether he checked the moles on heroine Neha Shetty’s body. 

Both Siddhu and Neha Shetty have responded dignifiedly. Neha rightly slammed the journalist online. 

The incident rightly raised the topic of falling standards of film journalists. Lately, many film press meets and interactions have become a laughing stock. 

Who should we blame for it? The onus is on film journalists. However, part of the blame also points to film PROs, who conduct press meets and events.

PROs extend invitations to media houses and journalists. But these days, the majority of the film journalists who attend press meets are not from the media houses, but from YouTube channels.

Every tom dick and harry from YouTube channels and digital media content companies have started thronging the press meets.

The PROs are also encouraging for their own purposes. Plus, senior and reputed journalists have also stopped attending the press meets. 

Thus we get to see the silly questions during the events are from unprofessional scribes, which is bringing bad names to the entire Telugu film journalism.

It’s high time that PROs and other stakeholders come together and streamline who should attend, who should not.

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