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What does this equation mean, Mr Varma?

What does this equation mean, Mr Varma?

A day after making a grand announcement on making of a two-part political film, indirectly referring to Andhra Pradesh politics, film maker Ram Gopal Varma on Friday tweeted a strange equation, in an apparent indication to the storyline of his films.

The tweet was like a mathematical equation: “BJP÷ PK x CBN – Lokesh+Jagan = Vyuham.” This tweet has gone viral and thrown bouncers at the followers of his tweets and others on the social media.

What does Varma want to convey with this equation? Nobody knows what is there in the mind of this maverick director and so, people have started making their own calculations based on this tricky mathematical equation.

One such calculation is that the film might be talking about the situation wherein Pawan Kalyan is divided from BJP and multiply his strength with that of Naidu. However, Lokesh would not fit into this scheme of things, so, he has to be isolated. 

Then, this Naidu-PK force would fight with Jagan and what happens then in Andhra politics will be the theme of the Vyuham film.

But nobody knows how far this explanation is correct as Varma might be having different calculation to prove this equation. So, he wants to keep it a suspense. Maybe, he will come out with his own explanation in a day or two.

One thing, however, is obvious that Varma wants to bring in all the major political players of Andhra Pradesh into his film. Since he has met Jagan and got his nod, the ending solution will be obvious: It’s Jagan’s victory!

Varma already declared that Vyuham is not a biopic, but a “realpic” with deeper look than a biopic,” he tweeted.

He said there might be some fiction and fabrications in a biopic, but in my real picture, there will be 100 percent facts.

“The storyline of the film “Vyuham” has emerged from a fight between arrogance and aspiration. It is full of venom coming out of political conspiracies,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, Varma said: “The film “Vyuham” projects the height of anger that comes out of the pain due to rubbing salt on the wounds of political power.”

The director announced that the film would be made in two parts. While “Vyuham” is the first part of the film, the second part is named as “Sapatham.”

Both the parts have abundant elements of politics and anarchy.


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