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Was Priyanka Director Sujeeth's Choice?

Was Priyanka Director Sujeeth's Choice?

Priyanka Arul Mohan, who starred opposite Nani in "Gang Leader" and Sharwanand in "Sreekaram," is not well-known in the Telugu film industry. Despite her performances in these films, she has not received any offers from Telugu filmmakers.

Therefore, it was a surprise when it was announced that she would be Pawan Kalyan's leading lady in "OG."

Rumors suggest that she was not initially considered by producer Trivikram or Pawan Kalyan himself, but instead, Sujeeth made the decision to cast her. He believed that she would be perfect for the role he had written.

One advantage of casting Priyanka Mohan is her availability. Unlike top actresses who may have scheduling conflicts due to their popularity, Priyanka can give out her dates whenever they are required, making it easier to work around Pawan Kalyan's schedule.

Currently, Pawan Kalyan and Priyanka Arul Mohan are filming "OG" in Mumbai, which includes some romantic scenes.


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