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VV Vinayak Suffering From Health Problem?

VV Vinayak Suffering From Health Problem?

Very few people in Tollywood have the reputation of being universally good.

No one is accepted as a good person by one hundred percent of people, but director VV Vinayak has earned that reputation.

When Vinayak's name is mentioned, no one would disagree that he is a good man. He has also made many trend-setting films.

However, recent reports suggest that his health is not good at the moment.

It seems he has been suffering from digestive problems for some time and is confined to his house. He appears to have lost a significant amount of weight.

A few years ago, Dil Raju planned to make a film with Vinayak as the main lead, but the project did not move forward.

There are also reports that Vinayak is considering doing a film with Megastar, and a script is being prepared for that.

But now, there are reports that he is undergoing treatment for health problems while staying at home.

To get clarification, when we talked to Vinayak's brother Vijay about this matter, he said that Vinayak is completely healthy and that his health was only poor a few months ago.

He mentioned that Vinayak will come to the Nandi Hills office soon and will call then.

Let us hope that he is hale and healthy as stated by his brother.


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