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Varun Tej's Matka Based On Khatri's Life!

Varun Tej's Matka Based On Khatri's Life!

Varun Tej shifted his focus completely on director Karuna Kumar’s ambitious project Matka which is in the initial stages of production.

Varun Tej is also doing the movie prestigiously since he was awestruck by the script and the design of his character.

Meanwhile, it is coming out that, the film Matka is based on the life of betting pioneer Ratan Khetri.

Khetri transformed the game Matka into the biggest betting racket and managed to spread a countrywide illegal gambling network that was sustained for decades under his regime.

It was his idea to use imaginary products to attract players. He made chits with numbers and placed them in an earthen pot. The chits were drawn randomly and the winners were declared.

The Matka business reached its peak in the 80s with an amount of Rs 500 Cr to be laid every month.

Khatri's betting was considered more genuine as the cards were reportedly opened in the presence of patrons. He faced a jail term for 19 months, during the emergency period.

Now, if some sources are to be believed, Varun Tej’s film is based on this betting pioneer, although they fictionalized the story for commercial aspects.

The movie will show Varun Tej in various get-ups and the actor is undergoing makeovers, as per the requirement of the character.

The movie which has completed a lengthy schedule will have its next schedule to begin soon.


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