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Ustad iSmart Ram's Strong Reply To Gossip Website

Ustad iSmart Ram's Strong Reply To Gossip Website

A gossip news website cooked a 'hot gossip' on the Monday morning to grab attention, but their plan has been spoiled by Ustad iSmart Ram, who is quick to put an end to the speculations.

The said website reported that Ram had a spat with Puri and Charmi and flew to abroad without promoting iSmart Shankar.

According to the gossip website Ram was only paid half of his promised remuneration and even a few other team members including Mani Sharma didn't get full payment.

Ram who usually stays silent about the rumors replied to the website's tweet by saying "LMAO!! I generally don’t like to respond to such fake news..but in this case... ”Bangaram andi vellu..😘 @purijagan @Charmmeofficial"

Ram is super kicked about iSmart success and is waiting for the right project as a follow up.

With another big hit like this Ram can consolidate his market and become one of the biggest stars among tier 2 heroes.

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