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US BO: All New Films Bomb

US BO: All New Films Bomb

Boyapati Sreenu's "Skanda," a newcomer's first film "Peddha Kapu 1," and "Chandramukhi 2," a sequel to the blockbuster film, all bombed at the box office in the United States last weekend.

Ram Pothineni does not have a huge following in the United States. He is the only hero among today's mid-level Telugu stars who hasn't had a single $1 million film.

Furthermore, with the exception of "Nenu Sailaja," none of his films grossed even a half-million dollars.

With such a track record, no one expected "Skanda" to do well in the United States, but Boyapati's name was the only ray of hope.

Boyapati Sreenu's previous film "Akhanda '' was a box office success in the United States.

Furthermore, "Skanda" contains dialogue that will appeal to TDP fans. Hence, many people expected a large number of TDP fans to turn in. However, this did not occur.

The film only made $290k in its first weekend. It may not add much more to its kitty. So, it is a failure.

Both "Peddha Kapu 1" and "Chandramukhi 2" were flops. Kangana Ranaut's name did not appeal to Tamil audiences in the United States.


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