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Trade Talk: 'Jailer' Shakes Box Office Everywhere

Trade Talk: 'Jailer' Shakes Box Office Everywhere

Finally, Rajnikanth's movie "Jailer" has proven to be a massive hit of the season, collecting a worldwide total of Rs 250 Cr across all languages. In the USA alone, the film raked in an impressive 3.5 million dollars.

On the contrary, Chiranjeevi's film "Bholaa Shankar" is declared the biggest disaster in his career since his return in 2017.

The movie is struggling immensely to even reach the meager mark of US $500K. Sources indicate that collections in Naizam will likely reach only around Rs 7 Cr to Rs 8 Cr in terms of share, marking a shocking failure.

Shifting focus to Bollywood, both films, "Gadar 2" and "OMG 2," sequels to their respective originals, have delivered commendable performances at the box office.

Among these, "Gadar 2" has emerged as a significant hit with substantial collections. What's surprising is that the film's business at single-screen theaters, which is historical and exceptional in Hindi-speaking regions, remained steady on Saturday. The second day garnered Rs 41.50 crore nett, bringing the two-day total to 80 crore nett. Sunday is expected to be even more extraordinary, and it's safe to say that there will be no halting this movie's success.

Similarly, "OMG 2" exhibited strong growth on Saturday, with collections surging around 45% compared to the first day, resulting in over 13 crore nett. This elevates the film's total to 22.50 crore nett. The growth in business was widespread, extending to even the mass circuits.

Thus, this week witnessed a blockbuster from the Tamil film industry, a superhit and a hit from Bollywood, and an enormous failure from Tollywood.


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