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Top 5: Tollywood-Hollywood-Bollywood Weeek

Top 5: Tollywood-Hollywood-Bollywood Weeek

1. Bro: Pawan Kalyan's latest film has garnered only average collections across most centers.

The response is not as overwhelming as anticipated. Surprisingly, the family audience, who usually appreciates universal content like the God-Human drama presented in the movie, didn't show much interest.

However, Pawan's portrayal as a God who sings and dances to songs from his past films has faced criticism from discerning viewers.

2. Baby: This movie turned out to be a massive hit, thanks to the overwhelming support from young audiences and college students.

The story revolves around an engineering girl's struggle with indecision as she finds herself torn between her childhood friend and a newly wealthy guy she meets in college.

The film's relatable and engaging storyline resonated strongly with the young viewers, leading to its tremendous success as a superhit.

3. Oppenheimer: As anticipated, Christopher Nolan's latest film is a surefire superhit.

It skillfully portrays the emotions and inner turmoil of Oppenheimer, the mastermind behind the nuclear bomb, who grapples with guilt over the devastation caused in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This historical biopic has captivated the urban audience, resulting in packed theaters at multiplexes.

4.Barbie: This movie has garnered significant interest from urban audiences, with young girls being the primary patrons.

It has seen good collections in multiplexes and urban areas. However, the film has failed to make an impact in other centers, resulting in a total washout.

The storyline revolves around the concept of humans venturing into Barbie Land, embarking on a thrilling and fantastical journey.

5. Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani: The movie has received a decent response so far, performing well in multiplexes and finding support from the Hindi-speaking audience.

While it hasn't gained much popularity among local crowds yet, Alia Bhatt's presence has certainly acted as a pull factor for audiences.

Overall, the film has managed to hold its ground at the box office this week. However, there might be some uncertainty regarding its weekday collections, which may determine its long-term success.


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