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Top 5: Rajni Kanth Still Rules Breaking Records

Top 5: Rajni Kanth Still Rules Breaking Records

1. Jailer: Since the release day, the movie "Jailer" has been drawing large crowds to theaters, maintaining this popularity even through its third weekend.

Presently, this film stands out as the top-grossing release across diverse Indian film sectors, marking Rajnikanth's most notable achievement in the past ten years.

Up until now, the movie has earned over 560 crore rupees globally at the box office. Specifically in the Telugu states, the film achieved a gross of 74.50 crore rupees.

2, Bedurulanka 2012: This is the unexpected success of this week. Despite being made on a modest budget and set in a single location, the film successfully appealed to its target audience.

Standing out as the superior choice among the new releases of the week, the audience preferred it significantly.

Although the content of the film didn't receive unanimous positive feedback, it is performing well in comparison to the other two major films of the week.

3. Gandeevadhari Arjuna: This is the largest flop from a mega hero since Bhola Shankar. Varun Tej appeared promising as a hero who could draw a substantial audience to the theaters. However, the reception has been surprisingly poor right from the opening.

There isn't the anticipated level of audience engagement that one would expect for a film featuring a mega hero.

Moreover, the content garnered negative feedback on the first day, leading to a setback for the following screenings. All in all, the film concluded as a flop in Varun Tej's career.

4. King Of Kotha: The film was released amidst significant hype; however, this Malayalam-dubbed movie faltered at the box office right from day one.

Dulquer Salman's star power managed to attract some audience to the theaters, but the content, with excessive buildup and insufficient substance, harmed its prospects at the box office.

Ultimately, the film concluded as a disaster, marking a flop in Dulquer's filmography.

5. Boys Hostel: This is the least hyped film of the week, despite the presence of "Kantara" fame Rishab Shetty as the main lead.

The film failed to capture the interest of any particular audience group, and the lack of publicity by the producers also contributed to this tepid response.

Needless to say, the film concluded as a disappointment, with word of mouth also providing less than encouraging feedback.


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