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Top 5: Hanuman Wins Sankranthi Box Office Race

Top 5: Hanuman Wins Sankranthi Box Office Race

1. Hanu-Man: The film helmed by Prashanth Varma, starring Teja Sajja, captured the audience's attention and emerged as the box office champion of this season, garnering substantial collections worldwide.

The movie is establishing new records at the USA box office, surpassing even major films like Guntur Kaaram.

The domestic collections of the film in India in both Telugu and Hindi are equally impressive, with screenings consistently drawing full houses in nearly all centers.

So far, by the end of the first three days, the film has collected a gross of Rs 50 Cr on the domestic front. This feat was achieved with a very limited number of theaters.

2. Guntur Kaaram: The film had an extensive opening, featuring numerous special shows from the early hours of its release date, but it faced an immediate backlash with negative reviews.

Unfavorable talk quickly spread across social media and various audience circles, significantly impacting the film.

Collections witnessed a sharp decline from the second day onward, and it seems the movie's full run at the box office is nearing its conclusion within the next couple of days.

The post-Monday run poses a challenge, especially as the vacation season is expected to come to an end. So far, by the end of the first three days, the film has made a gross collection of Rs 82 Cr.

This includes the first-day opening collections with special shows featuring increased ticket prices. 

3. Naa Saami Ranga: Nagarjuna's film, set against a village backdrop, seemed to be the ideal Sankranthi treat based on the trailer.

There were high expectations from the audience, and the opening day saw significant patronage, particularly from family audiences.

However, the overall reception hasn't been as encouraging as anticipated to sustain a strong run for the film. Nevertheless, the film has garnered an average response for its content.

4. Saindhav: The film didn't attract much traction from the audience, mainly due to its serious content, as evident from the trailer.

Venkatesh's movie revolves around a sentiment involving a daughter and an action theme related to a drug cartel. Unfortunately, the film failed to capture the audience's attention at the expected level.

Overall, the outlook for the film's full run appears dim, especially beyond this Monday and Tuesday, which mark the conclusion of the vacation season.

5. Salaar-Part 1- Ceasefire: The collections of this film have experienced a decline, and its full run is nearing completion at the box office.

However, amidst the new releases of Sankranthi, this film stands out as the only one still garnering attention.

Overall, the movie has achieved a remarkable gross of Rs 705 Crores worldwide, solidifying its status as a superhit.

This film now stands as the second biggest hit in Prabhas' career, following 'Bahubali: The Conclusion.'


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