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Top 5: Dull Weekend At Box Office

Top 5: Dull Weekend At Box Office

1. Eagle: The film starring Ravi Teja in the main lead failed to entice the audience despite impressive openings.

The first two days' collection was encouraging, but it dropped heavily on Sunday.

At the end of the first weekend, the film made a gross collection of Rs 18.70 Cr in India. There is no positive word of mouth for this film, so the weekday run of the film may be in question.

2. Yatra 2: This Mahi V Raghav's film, which came as a sequel to his earlier film, 'Yatra', initially pulled traction from the target audience of political movie enthusiasts, but the makers failed to hold attention with a poor publicity strategy.

At the end of the first weekend, the film could only gross Rs 5 Cr at the domestic box office, and its continuity on weekdays may not be so encouraging. In a way, the film almost completed its full run at the box office.

3. Lal Salaam: The film directed by Aishwarya Rajnikanth, with Rajnikanth playing a key role, ended up as a disaster in Telugu.

Though it managed to collect a little with openings in the Tamil version, its performance in other languages is pitiable.

Finally, by the end of the first three days of the weekend, the film grossed Rs 11.45 Cr at the domestic box office, which is shocking.

If considered only Telugu version, it collected just Rs 1 Cr by the end of first weekend. The film is declared a disaster. 

4. Hanu Man: Despite its blockbuster streak, the film continues to generate revenue at the box office even after 31 days since its release.

Even on the 31st day, it managed to garner a collection of Rs 1.5 Cr gross nationwide. In total, the film achieved a gross collection of almost Rs 300 Cr worldwide.

Parshanth Varma's directorial, with Teju Sajja in the main lead, stands out as the blockbuster of the year so far.

5. True Lover: The arrival of this film has almost gone unnoticed. Despite names like Maruthi and SKN as producers of this film, they failed to attract the basic attention of the audience.

The openings were meagre, and the film ended its theatrical run before the end of the first weekend itself. Prabhram Vyas directed the film, while Manikandan and Gouri Priya played the leads.


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