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Tollywood's Action Plan - Movie Releases From July!

Tollywood's Action Plan - Movie Releases From July!

Telugu cinema industry is hoping that the Telugu States governments will grant permission to open cinema theaters in June.

Movie promotions are expected to begin in June and the releases would be scheduled from the first week of July.

Low budget films will release first as the exhibitors and multiplex chains are planning to sell only half the capacity of seats to ensure ‘physical distance’ in the movie halls.

Low budget films like Orey Bujjiga, 30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela and a couple of other films that are ready for release may get the first-in advantage post lockdown.

Medium budget movies V, Red and others will be slotted from July end till August.

Producers are reportedly making deals with OTT platforms to have a very early digital release compared to pre April days.

Which means we may see movies releasing on digital platforms as early as two weeks from their theatrical release date.


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