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Third Wife to Stop Naresh's Fourth Marriage!

Third Wife to Stop Naresh's Fourth Marriage!

Ramya Raghupathi, Naresh's third wife, has decided to continue her fight with him even as he prepares for his fourth marriage.

Recently, Ramya stated in an interview for a YouTube channel that she and Naresh are married.

"The court has not yet granted us a divorce," she stressed.

The likelihood of Naresh marrying Pavitra Lokesh without divorcing his third wife is remote. No one knows the real story.

They are not currently cohabiting as husband and wife, but Ramya insists they were never legally separated.

Naresh uploaded a video of him and Pavitra Lokesh kissing passionately on January 1, 2023.

To share the news of their upcoming nuptials with the world, a video was made and shared online. However, Ramya insists that she will not give up her court battle.

Ramya Raghupathi has also denied having an affair with her driver or anyone else, as Naresh has claimed.


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