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There's Positive Energy In Anni Manchi Sakunamule

There's Positive Energy In Anni Manchi Sakunamule

The pre-release event of Anni Manchi Sakunamule was hold in a grand manner with several special guests attending it and crowd coming in big numbers.

Nag Ashwin informed that Prabhas liked Sita Kalyanam song in Anni Manchi Sakunamule.

“When I was explaining a scene, Prabhas wanted to hear the song again. Nandini garu’s films are like fun to watch, but suddenly there is a scene or moment with lots of depth in them. I saw this movie a couple of months back without RR, and by the end, you get like a lump in your throat.”

Nandini Reddy thanked her first movie hero Nani for gracing the occasion.

“I started my career with Nani. Ala Modalaindi wouldn’t have happened without him. Dulquer, you have to do more love stories and one more with Hanu. Anudeep, Hanu and Nagi set the benchmark so high. Aswani Dutt is like a father figure. I was like a kid in a candy store. I didn’t do a movie with such a big star cast earlier. Swapna gave big star cast. Santosh and Malvika are amazing. Mickey J Meyer is a lifeline. It’s going to be a magical ride. I worked with many producers, but I worked with family, this time.”

Swapna Dutt stated that this movie is like a summer memory to everyone.

“It gives you the same feeling of tasting the first mango at grandparents’ house.”

Santosh Sobhan said, “I still remember Nani anna watching my first movie standing. Dulquer, you made me so cool. Because of Vyjayanthi, there is positivity and everyone congratulating me. I fear of Swapna akka. I feat to watch her hard work. I learned so much from them. I’ll ever be thankful. Nandini Reddy madam, I didn’t get to work with dad, but I got to work with you. I feel fortunate to work with all the actors. Malvika is a terrific actor. You will come out with smile in your face. It will travel with you for a long time.”

Dulquer Salmaan called Vyjayanthi and Swapna cinema as family.

“Every time I get a call from Swapna, I’m usually hoping she’s found me the next script. I got a call for the event. Of course, I would never miss it. We all get so spoiled working with Vyjayanthi. I’m jealous because I’m not part of this movie. Nani, congrats on Dasara. Santosh, I love you in the trailer. You look so charming and effortless. Malvika, you looked funky in the movie. This looks like a lovely holiday.”

Nani made an announcement that he would attend every event from Vyjayanthi and Swapna Cinema.

“Ala Maodalaindi is a very special movie for me. From Ala Modalaindi to this movie, Nandini Reddy has come a long way. Congrats to the entire team. Everything looks good from the music to the cinematography to the editing. Yevade Subrahmanyam is one of the most special films in my career and Malvika was introduced with it. Malvika is a great actor in the making. Santosh has good comic timing. He has that ease in his acting. Nandini seems to have found another Nani. I wish this will become a big hit. I can surely say that all good fortunes for the movie. There is positive energy in the voices of the team, the teaser and the trailer.”

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