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The Hype Is Real and Prabhas Read It Right

The Hype Is Real and Prabhas Read It Right

Saaho's first single has been rocking the music charts not just in Telugu but also in Hindi and Tamil as well.

In fact, the Hindi version of the Psycho Saiyaan has been receiving the best response out of all.

While the Hindi version has easily gone past 10 Million views mark on YouTube and nearing 15 Million views as and when we wrote this article, Telugu version has clocked just over 3 Million views.

Team Saaho is primarily targeting Hindi markets in spite of the humongous hype around its Telugu version.

Saaho's Telugu version is sold for nearly three times the Hindi version, but Saaho is getting tremendous response from North India.

People are hyped about the Baahubali star's upcoming film, which is evident from the response Hindi promos have been receiving.

Prabhas anticipated this and made sure to make a universal movie like Saaho that can make the most of post Baahubali craze.

UV Creations took a huge risk and invested huge money to get the attention of other markets besides Telugu.

The gamble paid off and Saaho has turned out to be the most anticipated movie in Hindi as well.

Even Bollywood trade analysts are seeing it as a straight film that can be a serious threat to its competition.

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