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Tamannaah Says Actresses Are Under Pressure

Tamannaah Says Actresses Are Under Pressure

Every time a calamity or crisis happens, the media begins to question celebrities about their act of help.

Instead of questioning the governments for their ineffectual handling of the crisis, everyone asks whether certain celebrities had donated something or not, or helped anyone or not. 

The trend is putting enormous pressure on celebrities to show their contribution. Actress Tamannaah has rightly raised this point.

Tamannaah asks, “Why should actors need to prove their act of goodness every time?”

The ‘F3’ and ‘Seetimaarr’ actress also says that there is a huge pressure on actors to talk about their financial contribution to the needy, show off it on media and social media. 

Tamannaah also says that people have the wrong impression that we actors are super-rich and earn hundreds of crores.

The reality is different. Only a handful of the top range of actors earns big bucks. Tamannaah has made a valid point. 

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