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T Chamber Intervenes To Control Prices In Multiplexes

T Chamber Intervenes To Control Prices In Multiplexes

Telangana Film chamber of Commerce had called for a Pressmeet thanking the Telangana Government for G.O. 120 which brings flexible pricing helping the industry.

The chamber immediately intervened when some Multiplexes have gone for highest rates even for a small film like Arjuna Phalguna.

"We have talked to them and they will reduce the rate from tomorrow. We encourage all stakeholders to continue existing prices for small films," President, Sunil Narang said.

"The Chamber will completely regulate the prices even in Corporate Multiplexes. We are sure they will co-operate with us. We are also talking to some Multiplexes which are charging exorbitant charges for the Food and Beverages," he added.

The Proactiveness of the Telangana Chamber is appreciable. Hopefully, the prices are regulated and implemented in accordance to the G.O. 120. 

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