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Sujeeth is Smarter Than Harish Shankar!

Sujeeth is Smarter Than Harish Shankar!

Harish Shankar made a foolish move last month by announcing that the new shooting schedule for "Ustaad Bhagat Singh" (UBS) would begin, which did not actually happen.

Additionally, he released Behind The Scenes (BTS) photos from the first schedule, which lasted only eight days.

Despite Harish Shankar's attempts to keep UBS in the news and satisfy fans, Pawan Kalyan doesn't seem very interested in this project.

In contrast, Sujeeth is a skilled director who plans meticulously. Currently, he is still filming his gangster drama "OG" while Pawan Kalyan is occupied with his political commitments.

Sujeeth has carefully scheduled his shoots, prioritizing scenes and fights that do not require Pawan Kalyan's presence.

He intends to film Pawan Kalyan's scenes whenever the actor-politician is available and comfortable providing dates.

Sujeeth's advantage lies in having the full support and blessing of Trivikram. As of now, only Trivikram has the ability to influence Pawan Kalyan's decisions.


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