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Suchi Leaks: Gays And Illegal Relations In Kollywood

Suchi Leaks: Gays And Illegal Relations In Kollywood

Suchi Leaks are well known throughout India for her controversial revelations from the Tamil Film Industry.

Earlier, she alleged that Dhanush and GV Prakash are gay, and shockingly, she also made indecent remarks about singers Saindhavi and Karthik.

Many within Kollywood speculate that Suchi's leaks influenced the announcement of the divorce of Dhanush-Aishwarya and the recent announcement of GV Prakash-Saindhavi's divorce.

Suchitra's leaks about the Tamil film industry have become controversial, although their accuracy remains uncertain.

Dhanush had previously refrained from commenting on her statements. Now, both he and his wife Aishwarya Rajinikanth are divorcing, prompting the impact of Suchitra's leaks.

While some advocate for the need to take disciplinary action against Suchitra through the Nadigar Sangam for damaging relationships between couples, others argue that Suchi isn't intentionally leaking information to ruin relationships but is merely informing about what's happening, which often turns out to be true over time.


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