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Sohel Demands To Release The Actual Video

Sohel Demands To Release The Actual Video

Sohel, the runner up in Biggboss#4 has given answers to some controversies surrounding him. 

When asked if there are any disappointments among the finalists and their fans, he said, "We are happy including our fans. But still I am giving explanation. At that time I was in top 2 list in Biggboss finals. The votes between me and Abhijeet were neck to neck. 

But Mehboob has shown the fingers which was understood to viewers as  if he was revealing about our positions. But that is not the case.  We have asked only about Insta followers but nothing else. Mehboob has shown the fingers to indicate 2 and 3. That's not revealing about positions. I request Bigg Boss show runners to release the actual footage of what we asked and to what Mehboob has shown the fingers. 

When Akhil and I assumed that we both will be in top-2 we were fixed to take Rs 25 lakh each in the final. Because, we need such money being in middle class. Since we know the value of money, we decided so. I did not do any mistake. ". 

Sohel has finally concluded that his concentration is only on his career and future plans but nothing else. 

"I am starting the film in February. I need to groom myself. I was away from gym for 105 days", he shared.

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