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Skanda's Final Verdict: A Big Flop!

Skanda's Final Verdict: A Big Flop!

The much-touted combination of Ram Pothineni and director Boyapati Sreenu did not yield the desired results.

The final verdict is out ten days after the release of "Skanda." The movie is a flop in every region of India, including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Ceded, and other states.

Ram Pothineni even gave interviews for Hindi-language YouTube channels. However, in North India, no one showed interest in watching it.

The Telugu version of the film collapsed after the first Monday and never recovered. Even in its second weekend, the film showed no improvement. It will result in significant losses for all buyers in all areas.

Andhra buyers are expected to lose more than half of their investment. In Nizam, the losses are estimated to be around 40%.

It performed slightly better in the United States compared to Ram's previous films, making $340k.

Overall, "Skanda" has damaged director Boyapati's reputation. It is also the second big flop for Ram Pothineni after "The Warriorr."

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