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Secret Of Balakrishna's Mega Ring To His Thumb

Secret Of Balakrishna's Mega Ring To His Thumb

Balakrishna is known for his ardent faith on astrology, mantras, poojas, navaratnas, vibhooti, rudraksha, muhurtas etc. He filled all his fingers with different rings and he didnt leave even the thumb. Generally speaking, people hardly put a ring to thumb. 

The biggest ring on Balayya's thumb is related to the film Akhanda as per the sources. It is a temporary ring being used until the film Akhanda becomes a hit. The intention and purpose of that ring is only that much. So once the film becomes a hit, he will remove the ring. 

Sharing about this, an insider said on lighter note, " If the film flops, Balayya may remove the thumb of the person who suggested this ring to him".

Right now all his fingers are houseful with rings. Lets us wish his film Akhanda also runs houseful every where once it is released.

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