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Sankranthi Films: Talk About Last 20 Minutes

Sankranthi Films: Talk About Last 20 Minutes

The climax is crucial for any movie. Regardless of the movie's overall quality, many films boast impressive climaxes, leading to blockbuster success.

Furthermore, filmmakers ensure a gripping interval and a memorable climax, as it is believed that the movie's reception depends on these aspects.

Positive feedback is circulating about the climaxes of the four films set to release for the festival.

Guntur Kaaram: As per the sources, the entire movie is captivating with the emotional scenes between mother and son in the last twenty minutes reaching another level. It is rumored that these scenes will involve Rao Ramesh, Mahesh Babu, and Ramya Krishna.

Hanu-Man: The last twenty minutes are reported to be the highlight of the movie, particularly bringing hysteria for devotees of Hanuman. The actor portraying Hanuman in this film has been kept a secret.

Saindhav: Director Shailesh Kolanu asserts strongly that the last twenty minutes of this movie are the highlight, with Venkatesh showcasing something extraordinary.

Naa Sami Ranga: Although the movie runs as a mass action entertainer, the final 20 minutes are expected to be emotionally intense. There's talk that these twenty minutes will be highly impactful.

To sum up, the success of the four festival releases seems to hinge significantly on the impact of their last twenty minutes.


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