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Samyukta Menon's Last Film- 'Devil'?

Samyukta Menon's Last Film- 'Devil'?

Samyukta Menon is considered a fortunate heroine in Tollywood who bagged several films and gained some fame.

Her latest film is 'Devil.' However, there are rumors circulating that this might be her last movie due to her plans to marry her love interest. 

It appears that the charming actress from Kerala has found love with a young man from her home state.

Reports suggest that, as her fiance is hailing from a different religious background, she is dropping her last name 'Menon'.

Initially, there were statements indicating a different reason for Menon changing her name, but now whispers suggest that the real reason might be linked to her impending marriage.

Currently, the soon-to-be bride, Samyukta, has taken a break from acting, and it seems reasonable to assume that her focus is on marriage rather than films.

Having worked in over two dozen films across various South Indian languages, she has notable hits like "Bheemla Nayak," "Bimbisara," "Virupaksha," and "Sir" in Telugu. The upcoming film 'Devil' is generating positive expectations.

Samyukta, known for her homely appearance and commendable roles alongside mid-range heroes, remains in demand in the Telugu film industry.

However, it is now speculated that her reduced film commitments are due to her impending marriage.


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