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Samantha's 'Energy' Becomes Talking Point!

Samantha's 'Energy' Becomes Talking Point!

Samantha was diagnosed with Myositis, an autoimmune disease that weakens the body's immune system.

Due to her condition, Samantha was confined to her house for several months while undergoing treatment.

Although she experienced a recovery, she wasn't completely cured. As a result, she has decided to seek additional treatment in the United States and has put a hold on her involvement in any film projects.

Her energetic dance performance during the "Kushi" musical concert evoked a mixed response.

While many commended her for participating in the promotional event despite her health challenges, others raised questions about her appearance not aligning with the disease she's been diagnosed with.

According to sources, Samantha indeed has the disease, but her health has significantly improved with medication.

She's embarking on a journey to the United States for further treatment to ensure a complete recovery.

Despite her ability to dance, work, and manage daily tasks, she has opted for an extended break to avoid recurring illness.


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