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Samantha Still Undergoing Treatment?

Samantha Still Undergoing Treatment?

Heroine Samantha still hasn't fully recovered. Is she still suffering from some side effects?

A recent post by Samantha has raised these questions once again. Yes, she is still undergoing treatment.

Samantha experienced many side effects after contracting myositis. To recover, she announced a break from movies.

Everyone thought that after taking such a long hiatus, she had become physically fit. Samantha even established a new production house and announced a new movie.

Although everything seemed set, Samantha is still undergoing treatment. She is following alternative medicine to combat the side effects.

Samantha is increasingly opting for these procedures because taking too many medicines can harm health and beauty.

As part of her treatment, she has already undergone therapies such as ice tub baths, cryotherapy, neuro feedback, infrared sauna, and LED light therapy.

Additionally, she is meditating daily. Looking forward, Samantha is likely to continue these treatments for a few more weeks.


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