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Rumors Abound Regarding Nagarjuna's 100th Film

Rumors Abound Regarding Nagarjuna's 100th Film

Nagarjuna has been planning his 100th film in a unique way, wanting this milestone project to be something truly special.

Initially, he considered Vikram Kumar, renowned for his work in "Manam," and engaged in discussions with Mohan Raja, director of Chiranjeevi's "Godfather." However, he later removed them from his list of considerations.

Currently, Nagarjuna is in the process of filming his 99th movie, "Naa Saami Ranga," set for a Sankranthi 2024 release, being shot in Hyderabad.

As he is still immersed in the production of this film, he has yet to make a final decision about his 100th project.

Recently, there have been discussions that a Tamil director named Naveen presented a story to Nagarjuna, which reportedly caught his interest. There is speculation that Nagarjuna might choose this Tamil director to helm his 100th film.

However, sources close to Nagarjuna emphasize that no final decision has been made yet. "Nagarjuna has multiple options," these sources added.


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