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Ruler Trailer: It's Balakrishna's Turn To Fight For Farmers!

Ruler Trailer: It's Balakrishna's Turn To Fight For Farmers!

Fighting for the welfare of farmers has become the latest norm in commercial potboilers. We had seen many films with this backdrop in recent times and Balakrishna's Ruler also follows the suit.

The trailer has all the regular elements that gets covered in a Balakrishna's movie trailer, but there is less focus on the actor himself.

Interestingly, Ruler trailer is not filled with Balakrishna's punch lines and thigh-slapping scenes.

It looks like a deliberate attempt to not to show Balakrishna much after his police getup in the teaser was severely trolled.

Despite having less shots of Balakrishna's 'weird wig' getup, it still sticks out as the sore thumb in this trailer.

Even hardcore fans of Balakrishna wouldn't find anything exciting in this trailer that seems outdated on every front.

Only respite is Balakrishna's stylish looking getup that is reminiscent of 'Iron Man' Robert Downey Jr.'s look.

Directed by KS Ravi Kumar 'Ruler' is targeted at the diehard fans of Balakrishna. Only time will tell whether it Rules the box office or not. 

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