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RGV Responds to Rumors about Affair with Ariyana

RGV Responds to Rumors about Affair with Ariyana

The much-hyped “bold interview” of Ram Gopal Varma and ‘Bigg Boss 4’ contestant Ariyana glory is out on YouTube.

Dressed in her tracksuit, Ariyana interviewed Ram Gopal Varma while both of them doing workouts in a gym. 

Ram Gopal Varma had spoken about various topics but one question that gets major attention is his affair with Ariyana.

There have been rumors that he has been maintaining some relationship with this young girl as he has been aggressively promoting her.

Ariyana boldly broached this topic. RGV in his quirky style said people always connect a man and woman in that way if they maintain a close friendship.

“Do not bother about such people, who don’t have any work,” he said.

Ram Gopal Varma also mentioned that he ‘likes’ Ariyana and loves to observe her ‘beauty’. 

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