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Revanth Reddy: CM Chair Or Else Silence!

Revanth Reddy: CM Chair Or Else Silence!

The Assembly Elections in Telangana State have concluded, and the results are eagerly anticipated within a day.

The majority of exit polls strongly suggest a landslide victory for the Congress. In this context, Revanth Reddy is emphatic that he is unwilling to accept any position other than that of Chief Minister. This stance has been communicated to the party's high command, and it is now up to them to decide the course of action.

Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka has already received assurance from Rahul Gandhi that he would be appointed as the CM if the Congress emerges victorious.

Revanth Reddy remains steadfast in his desire to occupy the Chief Minister's chair but not even that of Deputy CM. 

Internal sources indicate that if Revanth Reddy is not appointed as Chief Minister, he may choose to bide his time until the MP elections are concluded.

Subsequently, he could potentially form his own faction with a group of MLAs, leading to the collapse of the government. However, sources suggest that Mallu Bhatti Vikamarka lacks the capacity and mindset to take such drastic action. 

Faced with this perceived threat, the High Command might yield to Revanth Reddy's demand, according to insiders.


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