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Renu Desai: They Try to Brand Me Mentally Unwell

Renu Desai: They Try to Brand Me Mentally Unwell

Renu Desai has become quite active on Instagram recently, spending more time responding to comments on her timeline than sharing new posts.

While no one has the right to question why she responds to specific comments, some find it intriguing why she selects certain comments to share on her Instagram Stories.

One user questioned her attitude, noting her tendency to highlight nasty comments and give them more visibility.

This user speculated that her behavior indicated she was not doing well mentally. In response, Renu Desai stated that her pain is not understood by her followers.

She further mentioned that some followers have been trying to paint her as mentally ill for a long time.

"They came searching my posts to call me mentally ill. You guys will never understand my pain and what my children go through on a day-to-day basis. One day I will find my peace," she wrote.

Her Instagram posts have gained attention since her former husband, Pawan Kalyan, was elected MLA and appointed Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Consequently, she has received a barrage of comments, to which she has been responding.


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