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Reel Buzz: Kartikeya Beats Mega Hero

Reel Buzz: Kartikeya Beats Mega Hero

Two films were released today in Telugu - one featuring the mega hero Varun Tej, with a multi-crore budget, titled "Gandeevadhaari Arjuna". The film was produced on a large scale, featuring numerous action sequences shot at foreign locations.

On the other hand, a smaller film starring Karthikeya Gummakonda in the lead role was also released, titled "Bedurulanka 2012". This film falls under the con comedy genre. 

Surprisingly, Varun Tej's film couldn't match the opening performance of Karthikeya's film.

It's indeed a reality that a film receiving negative reviews tends to attract fewer viewers for the shows in subsequent days. However, the initial day's box office collections play a crucial role in establishing a hero's stardom.

This phenomenon is consistent across most centers. To provide an example, we can consider the collections at RTC Crossroads in Hyderabad.

"Gandeevadhari Arjuna", released in Sudha 35 MM, recorded Rs 25,040, whereas "Bedurulanka 2012", released in Sandhya 70mm, earned Rs 69,250 for the second show.

This indicates that audiences don't always gravitate toward big stars and high budgets; instead, they make their own judgments. 

In essence, Varun Tej might be considered a Rs 9 Cr hero, whereas Karthikeya's remuneration might not even be half of that.

Nonetheless, Karthikeya's low-budget film manages to generate three times the box office collections of Varun Tej's film for a given show. This stands as a stark reality.


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