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Ravi Teja's Fans Angry with Director

Ravi Teja's Fans Angry with Director

“Ramarao On Duty” was not well received by even fans of Ravi Teja. After “Khiladi”, it is another disappointment for them.

But they didn’t place many hopes on the former film as Ravi Teja himself distanced from the director Ramesh Varma much before the release.

On the other hand, director Sarath Mandava of “Ramarao On Duty” made tall claims about his film and the talk.

He even attacked reviewers and people who post their opinion on the latest releases on Twitter. His bold statements and Ravi Teja presenting the film made the star’s fans keep high expectations of the film.

But “Ramarao On Duty” received unanimously negative reviews. The word-of-mouth was also the same.

On the first day collections were poor. The film raked in Rs 3.5 crore (worldwide) on the first day. The AP and Telangana collection is just about Rs 2.85 Cr.

Some of Ravi Teja’s fans now took to social media to voice their anger on Sarath Mandava.

A video clip of fans is going viral. The video has a fan asking Sarath Mandava not to go near the theaters or fans would beat him.


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