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Ranveer Singh and Prasanth Varma's Rakshas is On

Ranveer Singh and Prasanth Varma's Rakshas is On

Contrary to rumors and media reports, director Prasanth Varma's Bollywood project is still in the works and will be launched shortly.

Following the tremendous success of "Hanu Man," Prasanth Varma joined the ranks of prominent directors, and his narrative talents, which cater to pan-Indian audiences, have made him a hot property in Bollywood.

It’s no surprise that Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh agreed to collaborate with Prasanth Varma.

Their film will start production soon. However, reports in several media outlets suggested that Ranveer Singh left the project due to creative issues with the creators. These reports are false.

Director Prasanth Varma has confirmed to that the film is currently in pre-production.

Ranveer Singh's film is also set in the Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe, similar to "Hanu Man."

The title under consideration is “Rakshas.”


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