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Rajendra Prasad Shares About His Personal Loss

Rajendra Prasad Shares About His Personal Loss

Senior actor Rajendra Pasad is very busy these days with number of films in hand. He has a special recognition and respect in the film industry. 

He acted in the film "Climax" in the direction of Bhavani Shankar and that was already released. 

While giving an interview to a channel as a part of promoting the film, he shared, "I came from a below middle class family. I joined in the Madras Film Institute out of passion to appear in films. I won gold medal in the acting school.

At that time the industry was being ruled by ANR, NTR, Sobhan Babu and Krishna. I thought that any new one should show some specialty to catch the attention of the people. I started watching Charlie Chaplin's films and created a style for myself". 

In continuation, he also said, "The people who are close to me have betrayed me financially. When I looked back to see where the money I earned has gone, I was shocked to know how the people whom I believed have deceived me".


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