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Pushpa vs. Kalki: Which One is Risky for Buyers?

Pushpa vs. Kalki: Which One is Risky for Buyers?

"Pushpa - The Rule" and "Kalki 2898 AD" are the big films set to hit the screens soon.

Of these two, the promotion for the former has so far reached its peak with the "Pushpa Raj" song, while the latter has been limited to a teaser on Bujji.

"Pushpa" is a proven franchise where expectations and attention remain high. The promotional material is also meeting expectations.

In contrast, the genre of "Kalki" itself is confusing. Pitching it as a film spanning over 6,000 years and beginning in the Mahabharat era, just because it involves Ashwaththama's character, feels out of place.

Adding to that, the 'Bujji' teaser didn’t resonate with anyone and ended up being dull and boring. Even kids are not talking about it much.

It appears the "Kalki" team is failing to connect with the audience and raise interest and expectations.

If the "Kalki" team continues with lackluster and confusing promotions, things may go wrong.

On the other hand, "Pushpa" is capturing attention with its catchy song and fun dance moves.

Given these observations, it appears that "Pushpa - The Rule" would be an easy sell for buyers, whereas "Kalki" might be risky.

Unless "Kalki" gets a huge blockbuster talk, it may not perform well at the box office.

In contrast, "Pushpa - The Rule" already has a positive pitch and high expectations thanks to its hit franchise status.


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