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Pushpa 2 Team Learns from Guntur Kaaram

Pushpa 2 Team Learns from Guntur Kaaram

Director Sukumar and actor Allu Arjun initially believed they had over seven months to complete the shooting of "Pushpa 2: The Rule" and, consequently, took several vacations, intending to proceed with a slow-paced filming approach. However, they have now come to the realization that this strategy is not feasible.

The "Guntur Kaaram" team faced numerous challenges during filming, leading to the postponement of schedules for several weeks. As the deadline approached, they encountered difficulties in effectively promoting the film.

Director Trivikram found it challenging to focus on editing and post-production, as the filming for "Guntur Kaaram" extended until the last week of December. Given more time, Trivikram would have considered reshooting portions of the second-half sequences.

It is always advisable to complete the shooting of major films two or three months before their scheduled release date.

Director Sukumar and Allu Arjun reportedly realized this after the release of "Guntur Kaaram." Consequently, the production team has now requested dates from prominent artists for the next two or three months.


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