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Public Talk: Rajamouli's Standard Coming Down?

Public Talk: Rajamouli's Standard Coming Down?

Public talk is many times merciless. Their reactions in many instances will be wild, funny, ridiculing and point blank. Especially they do this when the expectations are very high on something.

Rajamouli's Bahubali has also faced such criticism and trolling before its release. But the box office result was mind blowing and had got nothing to do with the trolls.

Now RRR is also facing similar issues. Today, NTR as Komuram Bheem trailer was released and the responses of fans are very cool and good.

But the critical responses and trolls are countless and here are a few. 

We have deliberately cut down the vulgar words and rewritten the comments carrying what the netizen wanted to convey. 

"Copy master Rajamouli is showing his talent again. The shots he used in this trailer were directly lifted from Neverland Festival, Tropical Rainforest and Volcanoes 101 of National Geographic Channel. The rest of the graphics used are also inferior" wrote a netizen.

Other social media post goes like this: "I felt like watching Sye Ra trailer. The cliched lines describing the hero and the pale voice modulation of Ram Charan is also a set back. I couldnt enjoy as it didnt meet my expectation. Except NTR's body change over, nothing enticed me".

"Rajamouli should be able to deliver something bigger than Bahubali. Otherwise, due to comparision RRR will be considered to be his first failure", wrote another.

"I still dont remember what RRR stands for. Since the beginning Rajamouli is disappointing. Nothing is new or boosting up the adrenaline. Everything looks like beaten track".

"Sye Ra is better than this. Rajamouli's standard is coming down".

"Except NTR's chiseled body nothing else seems to be original. All are lifted shots from NGC", mentioned a netizen.

"There are no "graphics' in this trailer. All are national geo'graphics' only" commented someone. 

Well, on a whole, the comments are countless and let us wish that RRR repeats Bahubali magic with the talent of Rajamouli after the release.

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