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PR wing in Jagan government chaotic!

PR wing in Jagan government chaotic!

It has been more than two months since YSR Congress party led by Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy came to power in Andhra Pradesh.

But the publicity wing of Jagan’s administration is yet to understand the importance of media management.

Most of the persons who got into the public relations team of the CMO are from Sakshi media house and they are not able to raise up to the requirements of the media.

They seem to be taking the media, local as well as national, for granted and are of the view that media has no option but to give publicity to Jagan, because he is the chief minister. So, when there are any negative reports in the media, they are not able to digest.

For example, Jagan has conducted Diplomatic Outreach Programme at Vijayawada on Friday.

The PR team of the CMO thought the local media would anyway cover it and give huge publicity to Jagan.

At the same time, the team has failed to send proper invitations to all the national media to such an important event and confined the invitations to a few select financial journalists.

As a result, Jagan’s meeting did not find much takers in the national media. Even the financial journalists could not get much access to the information with regard to Jagan’s one-on-one meetings with diplomats.

Another classic example for the negligence of Jagan’s PR team was about his meeting with a delegation of Tamil Nadu ministers who came to him to request release of water to Chennai to meet the drinking water requirements.

A small press note was issued which has no details whatsoever including from where water is being released and how much quantity.

Nobody in the PR team was able to explain this, as they were more interested in highlighting Jagan’s magnanimity in releasing water to Chennai, rather than the other details.

That is poor PR!

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