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Pooja Keeps Mum on Rumors about Kamal

Pooja Keeps Mum on Rumors about Kamal

It is now out in the open. Till the other day, there were murmurs about their friendship but with the viral pic, the news about the bonding between 65-year-old Kamal Haasan and 40-year-old Pooja Kumar has spread like a wildfire.

Pooja was spotted in a family photo of Kamal Haasan that was taken at the legendary actor’s ancestral home on Thursday.

National media, regional media, and social media published those pics and all of them have pointed about this relationship. But Kamal Haasan is not coming forth on the matter. Pooja too is keeping mum.

Ever since she acted with him ‘Vishwaroopam’ and did some steamy scenes for the sequel, gossips about their relationship have started doing the rounds. 


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