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Pawan Meets Directors and Producers on Sets

Pawan Meets Directors and Producers on Sets

Nobody knows when he'll join the sets or leave for his political tour. That is Pawan Kalyan's working style. Producers must plan for short shooting schedules because he changes them frequently.

This hard truth has now been learned by the makers of "Hari Hara Veera Mallu." They've built a massive set in Hyderabad and are filming the sequences whenever Pawan Kalyan arrives.

He has been returning to the sets on a daily basis after a long absence. On the sets, he also meets other producers and directors.

He recently met with producers Danayya, Mythri Ravi, and Naveen, as well as the People Media Factory team. Harish Shankar and Sujith met with him as well. They are awaiting clarification from him regarding their films.

Chiranjeevi also visited him on sets and showed him the song "Boss Party" from "Waltair Veerayya."


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