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Pawan Kalyan Wastes Sai Tej's Time

Pawan Kalyan Wastes Sai Tej's Time

Sai Dharam Tej has been away from shootings for more than a year due to an accident.

Although he recovered from it long back, he wanted to act alongside his uncle Pawan Kalyan in his comeback. Pawan Kalyan personally asked Sai Tej to allot dates to their multi-starrer project.

The film is a Telugu remake of the Tamil hit “Vinodaya Sitham”.

As per the original plan, the film’s shoot was to commence in July. But Pawan Kalyan became busy with his political meetings and put this film aside.

But Sai Tej didn’t go to the sets of his other film that is in progress waiting for his uncle.

Three months have passed but there is no clarity on when Pawan Kalyan would begin the shoot. Thus, Sai Tej’s dates are being wasted.

Sai Tej is idly sitting at home just waiting for a call from his uncle. The young actor would have completed his other film in the last three months had Pawan Kalyan given him a nod.


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